Extracting Your Foot from Your Mouth

As someone who is very familiar with the taste of my foot, I admire those who are clever enough to pull their own out without leaving a trace of saliva. Last Saturday I attended a memorial gathering for an Aunt who had passed away in November. I realized that I was the oldest cousin there, which reminded me of a friend who had an exceptional comeback to almost swallowing his own foot over a discussion about age.

Several years ago I was working with a talented software engineer who was in his mid-twenties at the time. For some reason, the age of one of our customers came up.

“John, how old do you thing Louise is?” I asked.

“Oh, she’s really old. She’s got to be at least 40.”

I burst out laughing and responded with at least mild indignation. “John, I’m 47!”

After only a brief pause he responded, “Yes, but the years have not been kind to Louise.”

Clever. Maybe only a mild saliva residue left. But very clever.

And don’t worry, I’m at least clever enough to hide the true identity of “Louise.”


About Dennis

Author of The Last Apostle. Teller of Almost True Stories of Life and former Air Force officer. Write for the love of the story. Sometimes speak for food.
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