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Hope for the Next Generation?

Several friends recently despaired about the fate of grown children raised by their “helicopter parent” friends. According to them these college educated twenty somethings, including one with a Master’s Degree from Notre Dame, had been coddled from the cradle and … Continue reading

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The Art of Selling

The best sales people don’t rely on a smarmy pitch or underhanded tactics. They find out what people want, and then deliver.   I spent one Seattle summer working as the ice cream man, selling my wares from a three-wheeled truck. … Continue reading

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The Epidemic

It’s reached epidemic proportions in the office. And although you’d like to say something to the person you have to be careful as the condition is sometimes mistaken for an entirely different condition. Being wrong can be embarrassing, maybe even … Continue reading

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What Women Really Want

I was reading a manuscript written by a friend when I ran across a scene where a male character asks the female protagonist, “What do women want?” I happen to know the answer to that question, and am willing to … Continue reading

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